Search providers

RandSearch redirect search queries from your web browser to a randomly chosen third-party search provider (listed in the Privacy policy).

Is the search provider selection truly random?

RandSearch doesn’t choose randomly from all search providers with an equal distribution. Some providers are more likely to be chosen than others. This is not a biased decision or in any way financially motivated, however.

Search providers are grouped by who provides their search results. E.g. the search results you see on Ecosia Search are sourced from Bing Search. Ecosia and Bing is placed in one group.

When choosing a random provider, RandSearch will randomly pick one provider from each group into a candidate list. Searches are then carried out by one randomly selected search provider.

This design aims to reward independent web indexes/crawlers for their significant efforts in cataloging the web.

In most web browsers (except Safari), you can see how it all works by navigating to:


Selection criteria

Google Search is not included in RandSearch. It already controls 92 % of the global search market. RandSearch wants to promote other search providers and results.

The following criteria is used to select the search providers that are included in RandSearch:

Please reach out if you’ve got other concerns about search provider selection.