Don’t let one search provider rule your life.

Use different search providers for every query with RandSearch!

Set as default search provider

  1. Visit this page in your web browser first. (This is required.)
  2. Open your browser’s menu and go to settings.
  3. Look for the search settings.
  4. Select RandSearch from the list of search providers.
  5. Set is as your default search provider.

Afterward, try a few searches from the address field in your browser!

Why use RandSearch?

Google has 92% global marketshare of search providers. Explore different search providers without replacing one master with another. Try lots of different flavors of search results with RandSearch!

Monopolies or near-monopolies are not known for their ability to innovate and stay fresh over time. Give different search providers a chance with RandSearch!

Maybe RandSearch isn’t for you. However, maybe it’ll help you discover a new favorite search provider after exploring a few different options!