Privacy policy

RandSearch redirect search queries from your web browser to a randomly chosen third-party search provider (listed below).

Your search queries are not sent to RandSearch’s servers. The randomized search provider selection and redirection happens on your device. Your search query is only transmitted to the search provider that wins the random selection.

RandSearch is designed to expose people to new search providers and different search results. This is meant to help people get different perspectives with every search. This is also intended to help increase competition in the search provider market.

Please note that the different search providers included in RandSearch have different privacy policies and practices.

These are the search providers RandSearch may forward your search query to:

Browsers configured for Czech language content also use Seznam (Seznam.cz AS, Czech Republic). Browsers configured for Korean language content also use Naver (Naver Corp., South Korea). Browsers configured for Russian language content also use Yandex (Yandex NV, Russia).

You don’t want to use RandSearch if you don’t want your search queries to be forwarded to one of the above search providers. RandSearch believes it’s better to spread search queries out among many search providers instead of letting one build a complete profile of your online searches.

Your browser will periodically get a new version of RandSearch from RandSearch’s servers. Server access is logged for up to two months. These logs are used to troubleshoot service issues and to get an aggregated count of the number of devices using the service.

RandSearch has no interest in recording your search queries.